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Working Equitation

Easton Meadows provides the opportunity for growth in

this exciting equine discipline by offering instruction, practice, 

clinics and events at the facility.


clinics and events

We had nice support and participation in the clinic held here May 20; Bruce will likely be hosting another clinic in August or September. We are focused right now on helping out at the working equitation shows just down the road from us at the Schaghticoke (NY) Fairgrounds June 24th and June 25th

We plan to offer more clinics and schooling shows to introduce more people to the sport; let us know if there is a specific interest or can customize a clinic for a group of interested parties.



Riding with obstacles is a fun and interesting way to work on equitation and dressage. It is for everyone that is wanting to improve connection and communication with your horse. It is also a fun way to connect with others and support one another.  Also, check out the on-line material and courses for detailed information right at home!



There are typically 3-4 obstacles set up in the indoor at any given time and are rotated around for variety. Haul-ins are welcome for $20 per horse

We will be having group practice on Sundays 1-3pm for low cost access/schooling. Just $35 per horse, rider combination or $120 for the month

contact Pam at 518-226-1995

or send email 

Working Equitation courses/materials

Working Equitation Simplified offers various training courses for horse owners at all levels to get started with Working Equitation. From free inspiration tips to a master's in WE. Any horse can benefit from learning Working Equitation skills.

Working Equitation can also help you strengthen the relationship with your horse.

You may have been trying to learn more about Working Equitation, but you see the videos on YouTube and think, I can't do that. Maybe you've tried hurdles (obstacles), but your horse struggled to do one.

Breaking down your new goals into manageable, fun, easy-to-achieve tasks can help you and your horse be successful together.


Working Equitation clinic

This clinic will focus on the Ease of Handling (EOH) trial, rules, description of obstacles, course set up, objectives for each obstacle, and how to execute the obstacles using the criteria set in the USAWE rule book. It is primarily designed as an introduction to the sport for riders of all ability levels.

Riders will learn the basics of Working Equitation first at the walk and trot. More advanced riders may be doing some cantering, but it is not required for this clinic. This clinic will be fun and relaxed clinic. It is not focused on performance, but on education of the sport and how to use WE in your training regardless of your discipline of choice.

Riders will be grouped in two 75 minute sessions, (no more than 4 riders per group).

**see below for clinician bio

COST: $150 per rider/horse.

Stabling is $30/night, you provide your own shavings and clean the stall when leaving. Stalls are 12x12, but there are a limited number available.

Day use stall $15 per day.


Auditors- $25.


FREE lunch will be provided for riders.

For questions and to REGISTER please contact Bruce W. Menke at or call 512.964.1471.

Payment in full via check Payable to Easton Meadows LLC, 32 Freeman Road, Greenwich, NY 12834 or through PayPal will reserve your spot.

PayPal email to send to:

Liability forms will be emailed to you upon registration.

**Fees are non-refundable unless clinic is cancelled or your spot can be filled.***

clinician bio

what working equitation is...

The equestrian sport Working Equitation was developed in the 1990's in Europe. Working Equitation places an emphasis on a horses gaits, their agility, and function that is required for successful field work with cattle.

Working Equitation emphasizes harmony and partnership between horse and rider, with lightness, control, and precision in movements.

The four phases of Working Equitation include Dressage trial, Ease of Handling, Speed Trial, and Cattle Trial (the Cattle Trial is done only in team competitions):

Working Equitation Dressage differs from USDF dressage in its emphasis on gaits and movements needed to successfully work cattle from horseback. There are different levels, ranging from introductory, for horses and riders new to the sport, to the most advanced level, which is used for international competitions and championships. All levels are performed in a 20X40 meter arena.

The Ease of Handling Trial (work around obstacles), differs from the American trail courses it resembles on the surface with its emphasis on cantering between obstacles, flying lead changes, balance and symmetry around obstacles, and the transitions between gaits. Collection and impulsion, maintained even in tight circles are key. in addition, it includes some obstacles not normally found in a standard trail class, such as using a pole to skewer a ring.

The Speed Trial, without the other two trials, would be quite similar to Extreme Trail competitions and some gymkhana events. Competitors race against the clock as they navigate the obstacles. Understandably, it is generally the phase with the most audience appeal!

In Team Championship competitions, a Cattle Trial is included. This event has some similarities to cattle sorting and team penning; it also has key differences. In the Cattle phase, teams work together to move designated cattle, one at a time, from one end of the arena into a pen at the other end of the arena.

Reference: Alonzo, J. & Menke, B. "Working Equitation: an Introduction", 2013 (now out of print)

Below are a few pictures of Bruce and Pamela at shows, play days, or general schooling:

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