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Join a weekly group and make some friends while developing      your horsemanship and under saddle skills.
Some individual sessions are available as noted. 

$160 monthly (once a week)

$50 per group lesson   (if not on monthly)

$65 private lesson

addl $5 per lesson for lesson horse

(addl $10 per lesson for working equitation

lesson horse)

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Contact Pam at 518-226-1995 for sign ups and questions. The buy now link here is for the monthly $160. Payments can also be made through PayPal to

Sign ups and questions can also be made to Easton Meadows email:


Pamela offers classical training technique which provides a solid foundation that can be applied to any riding discipline. A limited number of horses is available for lessons; a dressage saddle will be used with the lesson horses.  Groups are 90min. including 15min. tack-up, warm-up time. Privates are 60min.​

Group lessons are preferred, we learn a lot through watching others, the social interaction is rewarding, provides a support network, and the horses are more relaxed not being the center of attention for a full hour, being herd animals there is comfort for them too.

weekly groups:  $160 a month due at beginning of month.

                                        (make-ups can be done by joining  a                                                                different group during same month )    

                                   $50. per group lesson (if not on monthly)

                                   $65. for private lesson

                                   addl $5 per lesson for use of lesson horse

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