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All private lessons are    $50.00

A package of five lessons is $225.00 if paid in advance.

Semi-private with 2-3 people is $40 per person

Equitation Lessons using biomechanics

Have you been told to "make your horse round", "more forward", "put your leg under you", "put your shoulders back", "sit down", "sit up" etc. without being told HOW then a look at rider biomechanics might give you some answers. Becoming aware of body position, checks you can do to figure out awareness of position, and WHY it is beneficial to make certain adjustments, provides answers to HOW to make movements happen.

I often take photos and video during sessions. This can be very helpful in seeing the visual and often a rider is not even aware that they are crooked, leaning or otherwise not balanced.

Pamela offers classical training technique which provides a solid foundation that can be applied to any riding discipline. A limited number of Iberian horses is available for lessons; a dressage saddle will be used with the lesson horses.  Lessons are 60 to 75 min. in duration.


Working Equitation Lessons

Pamela offers working equitation sessions that will include training on specific obstacles that are used in working equitation competition. Training can also include going over the flatwork phases. See Working Equitation tab for more details about the discipline. You can trailer in your own horse or a couple of our Lusitano horses can be used for learning the basics of the sport.

$50.00 for a 60 min session


Horsemanship Groundwork Lessons

Horse-man-relationship- is what horsemanship is about.


Having a partnership with a horse is about trust and respect. What makes a dance between partners beautiful is that one partner is leading with clear communication: what the steps are, what is coming next, and the tempo that is set.

Are you the leader in your horse partnership? If the horse is leading you on the ground and you aren't the one establishing what the steps and the tempo are, the same thing is likely going to happen under saddle.           

Pamela also offers equine assisted personal development and life skills coaching:

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