Private Riding Lessons

Pamela offers classical training technique which provides a solid foundation that can be applied to any riding discipline. A limited number of Iberian horses is available for lessons; a dressage saddle will be used with the lesson horses. For those new to riding, a few lessons in the round pen will have to precede working in the arena. Lessons are typically 50 min. in duration and are $45.00 Five lessons for $200.00 if paid in advance.

Dressage Lessons

Lower level dressage (intro, training, 1st, and working equitation) training available in 20x40 arena. Bring your horse or can school on Andalusians.


Working Equitation Lessons

Pamela offers working equitation sessions that will include training on specific obstacles that are used in working equitation competition. Training can also include going over the flatwork phases. See Working Equitation tab for more details about the discipline. You can trailer in your own horse or a couple of our Lusitano horses can be used for learning the basics of the sport.

$45.00 for a 50 min session


Horsemanship Lessons

Horsemanship groundwork training for relationship building and connection with your horse or training with one of Easton Meadows horse is available.

Personal growth and awareness is brought to light when working with horses and building a relationship with them that can be transferred to all areas of life.

Pamela also offers equine assisted personal development and life skills coaching: