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Volunteer opportunities

Easton Meadows' primary focus is to provide a peaceful environment to empower people to find balance in life. Caring for and working with horses opens up the idea of harmony through observation and being part of the herd. The following volunteer opportunities are available:  

feed team    
morning or evening

Morning feeding is 7:30-9:30

Evening feeding is 4:30-6:30

All horses get hay, grain, and many are on supplements. Some of the horses come into stalls to eat and are turned back out afterward. Volunteers that can be on a schedule such as Monday evening feed or Sunday morning feed is helpful. If 2 hours is not an option, it can be for 1 hour and assigned to feeding a specific section such as lower barn or upper barn. Also, there are several water troughs that need filling and cleaning regularly.

stalls, paddocks and barn care

There are some stalls to clean, paddocks, barn aisles and other chores that need to be done daily. These can be done at any time of day so anyone that likes cleaning stalls; an hour can be scheduled on a specific day of week.

grooming and horse care

All horses need grooming and to be checked on for any skin issues, injuries and ticks in our area. Some horses need to come in at certain times for group activities. Some of the horses have "big hair" that needs to be attended to regularly.

grounds care

Wood fence repair is an ongoing need as horses regularly push the old planks or sometimes they just fall down since the fencing was put in 30-40+ years ago. Mowing of the grass and other grounds care jobs are numerous in the summer months. Volunteers that have experience with tools or yard maintenance and 3hrs on a weekday or weekend will work best. There are opportunities for groups to tackle specific projects in a day.

how volunteering helps...

Easton Meadow's primary mission is to work in harmony with horses and empowering others to search for harmony in life. Equine facilitated group activities, personal development and life skills coaching are offered. A scholarship fund has been established to assist those that need assistance in the ability to pay for services.

Groundwork and riding lessons with a focus on relationship building and mindful communication is available primarily in a group format. Working equitation education and practice is also offered. A percentage of these lessons, clinics, and programs goes into the scholarship fund. Volunteering for various positions aids in keeping operating expenses at a level so Easton Meadows can provide these services. Easton Meadows is not structured as a not for profit organization; it is structured as an LLC.

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