Easton Meadows is a place of wellness and personal development for individuals, groups and families. Equine facilitated group, individual activities, personal development and life skills coaching are offered. Go to the tabs at the top of the page for details on the Making Strides programs and coaching offerings.

Groundwork and riding lessons with a focus on relationship building and mindful communication is available. See Lessons tab.

A limited number of horse boarding spaces (most are a part of the Equine Assisted Services) is available. See boarding tab for details.

Currently boarding spaces are full (Sept 2022).



Equine Facilitated learning and activities

Personal Development Coaching

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We moved here in 2020 from Texas and brought with us our 5 Lusitano and Andalusian horses that had been bred and born on our Texas property. See them under tab Hacienda del Viento horses. We have been involved in promoting the sport of Working Equitation since 2010. She has had the opportunity to ride under several classical dressage trainers from Europe with some of the horses we have bred. Pamela has been studying Equine Assisted Learning (see Making Strides Program tab) for the  past five years in addition to obtaining an MA in Human Services Counseling with a Life Coaching cognate. See couching info under Clutter to Clarity Coaching tab.

Pamela has been involved in horses for over 35 years starting out as a trail guide, rode on a drill team, while in California in the 90's was assistant to a pony club instructor, managed a small boarding stable, trained under a dressage rider and breeder of iberian sporthorses, was part of a riding association board that put on english and western events. While in Texas Pamela  Easton Meadows will be holding various clinics and events throughout the year.