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Boarding Options 

The goal at Easton Meadows is to provide a peaceful and comfortable environment that all are welcome to come out and relax for either a brief time or to spend the day in a low stress setting. The owners live on the property and manage the horses. All horses are checked multiple times through the day and are treated just like our own horses.

Stall Board

Stall board includes an 11.5 x 12 stall with daily cleaning, shavings, hay twice a day and grain. Supplements can be added to grain if owner provides supplement. Daily turnout will be provided unless inclement weather. Night turnout is an option during the summer. There are many spacious pastures with well maintained grass and all have large run in sheds. Stall board includes putting on a fly mask and application of fly spray when needed prior to turnout. A blanket can be added in the winter. The owner will provide these items.

$642.00 per month
this amount includes 7% sales tax ($42.00)

Pasture Board

Pasture board is available. There are three large pastures all with sizeable run in shelters in addition to the smaller pastures around the barn area. These are beautiful rolling meadows with nutritious grass growing.  Pasture board includes hay given twice a day when needed (typically only in winter and early spring). Hay is given 3 times mid-winter when there is no grazing available. Fly spray will be applied daily if horse is easy to approach and owner provides spray. Blanketing is to be done by owner but will be monitored and adjusted if needed. If horse is easy to catch and separate, grain can be given once a day if provided by owner. Grain two times daily can be provided for an additional $25 fee. as horse will have to be separated to feed.

$400 per month
this amount includes 7% sales tax ($26.18)


Self-care board


Self-care board is available to those who live close by and want to use their own hay, grain, and shavings. A 11.5 x 12 stall is included. All care is up to the owner who must be able to come out daily to care for horse and clean the stall.

$321 per month

This amount includes 7% sales tax ($21.00)

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