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Making Strides Programs

Making Strides programs are equine facilitated experiential activities developed for various groups and individuals. Fun activities are completed with the group while interacting with the horses. Prior horse experience is not necessary. The result is typically a deeper sense of self-awareness and how we relate to others. This can lead to a healthier and more balanced life. Groups can be formed at any time; either contact us to see about a group forming or if you have a group of 3-8 people, we can determine a date to start. Individual sessions can be done for Personal Development, Life skills building, and Groundwork for Success.

Making Strides scholarship fund donation through PayPal:

 (Please note Easton Meadows is not set up as a non-profit. Tax deduction cannot be given)

contact Pamela 518-226-1995 for information.

 Equine Assisted Learning...

Life skills can be determined and personal development enhanced through observation of how horses communicate with one another and how they interact with people. Equine Assisted Learning is an experiential learning process that can provide great insight as the horse is a large biofeedback machine due to their strong emotional sense from being a herd and a prey animal. They use this sense to communicate and respond to the herd.

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